Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i'm feeling really good about today. i just took my english final. and i really think i did well. and for me that's an accomplishment if i feel like I did well on a final. I can't believe summer is here. tomorrow. holy shit. this is so exciting. its finally here. after all o that bitching and complaining in the winter SUMMER IS FRICKIN HERE. i really need a summer vacation right now. so good timing summer. way to be. school has been stressful. and life has been stressful. everythings been stressful. but its okay you know why? because everything is better in summer. you can have a shitty day. but tomorrow. its a new day without getting up really early or worrying about doing chores. its all about whatever your feeling that day. you can do what you want. see who you want. or you can just sleep all day. which is what i would rather to be honest. screw seeing people. i have so many hours of sleep to catch up on its terrible. ive been so tired i feel like im living in a dreamworld. its a terrible feeling. its literally like your asleep dreaming your life. thats how tired i am. its been about 2 1/2 months that ive had this and i need it to go away. GAH. i love the pre-summer happiness :)

p.s i took this picture last summer and it always makes me smile : )

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

don't you ever feel like life is so short why do we sweat the little things? i had a huge realization today that if i just let things roll off my shoulder more often. i would most likely live a longer healthier life. all this stress is not worth any of my energy. wether it be the things i can change or things i cant. i need to learn how to pick and choose my battles instead of always putting up a fight. it's tiring and it gets to the point where all i should do is worry about things that will make me happy and the things that will make the people that i love happy. all the rest will fall into place sooner or later if i just do that. and isn't that all we really want? for everything to fall into place and everything to be perfect. too bad perfect is unrealistic. that makes me upset and confused. people try and try to become perfect but for what? it's a made up idea to make people keep going and keep striving to a better level in whatever they're doing. but the real question is, why don't we strive for happiness instead of perfection? or is there not a difference. is it true that everything must be perfect for you to be completely happy? i sure as hell hope not because if that's true, no one will ever be happy.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

im pretty much in love with this picture. i picked a flower from the center of this random grass patch by notre dame and was playing around with taking pictures with this flower. who knows if ill put it up on facebook. well see. tonight was a very random chill night. random kids. good movie. swedish fish water ice. pretty much everything you can ask for from a chill sesh. ive had samson by regina spektor stuck in my head and i finally have time to sit down and listen to it. thank god i was driving myself to insanity because i was singing it in my head so much. i wish i was at the shore. but nope im stuck in stupid philly. but hey thats my life story i get used to being stuck here. hopefully ill get down to the shore sometime this summer. but if i dont. its all good. i should prob stop complaining about not being down there and do something with my life. that would be awesome. oh and heres another good idea. maybe i can start studying for finals. GREAT IDEA..........that will never be fufilled. i cant study for finals. theyre too stressful and make me want summer so much more but hey only one more week til summer. thank you good lord. i couldnt of made it another week of stupid school. i hate school. i also hate being tired. so im gonna shleeeep. sheeeyaaa : )

Friday, May 28, 2010

finals. Fuck I Never Actually Learned this Shit.

the title describes my life story. i opened up my books. looked at three sentences. shut my book. and realized i knew absolutely nothing about anything. <-- as you can see its been a really solid day for studying. plus everyone is down the beach and i want to be so i spend most of my time watching so many statuses on facebook say "oh em gee avalon hit me up"....okay maybe they dont say that btu they say theyre going to the beach which i take as "hey look alex im going down like the other billion people you know, sucks you arent" sigh. yes i just sighed on a blog. i cant believe i have one of these stupid things. hello grace poole and emma blackney. newcomers to the blog. well im gonna go now. sheeeeyaaa

p.s i just put that picture on there cause a. its my favorite picture b. just found out you can put pictures on here. im real smart. kbye

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i need this clock for my house. just saying.

american idol sucks

i really really hate american idol now. im watching the finale just because. i feel obligated too because its the finale. and its just not impressing me at all. none of the singers this season are any good except for this one girl chrystal whos in the top 2 thank god i would of turned it off by now. and wow i can change the fonts on this thing ew this one is ugly i like this one alot more :) this one is okay. kinda looking at a brick wall its so boring. oh snap you got your typical microsoft word document font. snooooree. that reminds me i should prob start my religion paper. the first draft is due tomorrow. oh good. well im gonna get back and watch this god awful show and call it a night. screw my paper <--- the usual thought. goooodnighhhtt :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

i should sleep

i keep talking about how tired i am and exhausted but i never actually sleep. youd think id attempt to get sleep but nope here i am staying up to watch the bachelorette. at first i was really mad my mom was making me watch this instead of the flyers but hey the flyers won and this show can get really addicting. there was this guy who got on top of the limo. did a back flip. and walked up and introduced himself. if a boy ever did that for me id be like hell call off the compeition im marrying him because it was perfect. blah. i hate mondays. but hey its the last monday of the school year :) thank the lord i need summer more than anything. its weird how summer makes everything better. literally. everything. summer is the ultimate gem of life. I CAN"T FREAKIN BELIEVE FLYERS MADE WON TONIGHT. god their perfection. things are going pretty good this week already. sports award, flyers won and 30 new songs on my itunes. yeah life is good. well. its back on. i dont wanna miss this. i know pathetic. seeeyaaa