Friday, May 28, 2010

finals. Fuck I Never Actually Learned this Shit.

the title describes my life story. i opened up my books. looked at three sentences. shut my book. and realized i knew absolutely nothing about anything. <-- as you can see its been a really solid day for studying. plus everyone is down the beach and i want to be so i spend most of my time watching so many statuses on facebook say "oh em gee avalon hit me up"....okay maybe they dont say that btu they say theyre going to the beach which i take as "hey look alex im going down like the other billion people you know, sucks you arent" sigh. yes i just sighed on a blog. i cant believe i have one of these stupid things. hello grace poole and emma blackney. newcomers to the blog. well im gonna go now. sheeeeyaaa

p.s i just put that picture on there cause a. its my favorite picture b. just found out you can put pictures on here. im real smart. kbye

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