Monday, May 24, 2010

i should sleep

i keep talking about how tired i am and exhausted but i never actually sleep. youd think id attempt to get sleep but nope here i am staying up to watch the bachelorette. at first i was really mad my mom was making me watch this instead of the flyers but hey the flyers won and this show can get really addicting. there was this guy who got on top of the limo. did a back flip. and walked up and introduced himself. if a boy ever did that for me id be like hell call off the compeition im marrying him because it was perfect. blah. i hate mondays. but hey its the last monday of the school year :) thank the lord i need summer more than anything. its weird how summer makes everything better. literally. everything. summer is the ultimate gem of life. I CAN"T FREAKIN BELIEVE FLYERS MADE WON TONIGHT. god their perfection. things are going pretty good this week already. sports award, flyers won and 30 new songs on my itunes. yeah life is good. well. its back on. i dont wanna miss this. i know pathetic. seeeyaaa

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