Tuesday, June 1, 2010

don't you ever feel like life is so short why do we sweat the little things? i had a huge realization today that if i just let things roll off my shoulder more often. i would most likely live a longer healthier life. all this stress is not worth any of my energy. wether it be the things i can change or things i cant. i need to learn how to pick and choose my battles instead of always putting up a fight. it's tiring and it gets to the point where all i should do is worry about things that will make me happy and the things that will make the people that i love happy. all the rest will fall into place sooner or later if i just do that. and isn't that all we really want? for everything to fall into place and everything to be perfect. too bad perfect is unrealistic. that makes me upset and confused. people try and try to become perfect but for what? it's a made up idea to make people keep going and keep striving to a better level in whatever they're doing. but the real question is, why don't we strive for happiness instead of perfection? or is there not a difference. is it true that everything must be perfect for you to be completely happy? i sure as hell hope not because if that's true, no one will ever be happy.

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