Saturday, May 29, 2010

im pretty much in love with this picture. i picked a flower from the center of this random grass patch by notre dame and was playing around with taking pictures with this flower. who knows if ill put it up on facebook. well see. tonight was a very random chill night. random kids. good movie. swedish fish water ice. pretty much everything you can ask for from a chill sesh. ive had samson by regina spektor stuck in my head and i finally have time to sit down and listen to it. thank god i was driving myself to insanity because i was singing it in my head so much. i wish i was at the shore. but nope im stuck in stupid philly. but hey thats my life story i get used to being stuck here. hopefully ill get down to the shore sometime this summer. but if i dont. its all good. i should prob stop complaining about not being down there and do something with my life. that would be awesome. oh and heres another good idea. maybe i can start studying for finals. GREAT IDEA..........that will never be fufilled. i cant study for finals. theyre too stressful and make me want summer so much more but hey only one more week til summer. thank you good lord. i couldnt of made it another week of stupid school. i hate school. i also hate being tired. so im gonna shleeeep. sheeeyaaa : )

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