Wednesday, May 26, 2010

american idol sucks

i really really hate american idol now. im watching the finale just because. i feel obligated too because its the finale. and its just not impressing me at all. none of the singers this season are any good except for this one girl chrystal whos in the top 2 thank god i would of turned it off by now. and wow i can change the fonts on this thing ew this one is ugly i like this one alot more :) this one is okay. kinda looking at a brick wall its so boring. oh snap you got your typical microsoft word document font. snooooree. that reminds me i should prob start my religion paper. the first draft is due tomorrow. oh good. well im gonna get back and watch this god awful show and call it a night. screw my paper <--- the usual thought. goooodnighhhtt :)

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