Sunday, May 23, 2010

first post thingy

so i've never had a blog before. or intended on getting one. but my friend caroline got one and i got really really tempted. so here it is :) my blog. its nice to have somewhere to put all the random thoughts that pop into my head. for example, why did itunes change songs from .99 cents to 1.29. its freakin annoying. not even because its more expensive, its sucha obnoxious number, 1.29. sigh. i hate sundays. it's the day i should be using to do homework but instead i procrastinate more than i do on a usual school night. AH. im watching one tree hill because i'm catching up on all my tv shows. dvr is a sex god. and julian just asked brooke to marry him. cha ching their perfect. good thing its only a show and im still really excited. okay this is getting way to random for me to even handle. i'm gonna try to write on this thing everyday. so until tomorrow.

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